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Weekly Bulletin 04-23-2018 to 05-04-2018

Monday, April 23

Library Closed

Tuesday, April 24

Library Closed Aud. Not available

2:pm - PD

Wednesday, April 25

Denim Day  

Administrator Assistants Day

Library Closed

9:30am – 2pm –F/T Getty Villa- Medina – Choy

MS Grades Due

Thursday, April 26

Library Closed

8:30 am Designated ELD Observation – District Title III Coach

11:00am – LAPD Presentation to 4th grade students

12:00pm -  LAPD Presentation to 5th  grade students

3:00pm 5th grade parents meeting

Friday, April 27

Library Closed

Saturday, April 28

Library Closed

8:00 am – Parent Summit – LA Trade Technical College

Monday, April 30


Book Fair Canceled

Library Closed

May  2018

Tuesday, May 1

Library Closed

8am -1:00pm 826-LA Field trip – Ms. Choy

 2:pm - PD

Wednesday, May 2

Library Closed

7:30 am – Principals’ Organization Meeting

 – Mojgan out

All Day - EL Designee Meeting –

Veronica Out

Thursday, May 3

Library Closed

All Day – Auditorium not available Science Fair

9:00am – 1:00pm Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

 (Ramillano- Rubio- Lopez)

3:30pm – Reclassification and SBAC - Parent workshop

3:00pm – 5:500pm – Elementary – Open House

3:30pm – 5:30 pm – MS – Open House

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm - Science Fair 

Friday, May 4

Staff Breakfast

Library Closed

8:30 SBAC Parent Workshop - Lib


Posted by: Cecilia Hanono Published:4/23/18
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