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Accelerated Math Pathway

Logan Academy is proud to offer an Accelerated Math Pathway as part of our program, for both, the Dual Language and the Structured English Immersion programs. 

Based on their tests scores and grades, students in the 6th grade are offered the opportunity to join the Accelerated Pathway in the 7th grade, allowing students to take three years of math content in just two academic years (see table below).  

Accelerated Math Pathway 3-year Plan
Grade Level Courses/ Content 
6th grade CC Math 6 A/B
7th grade CC Math 7 A/B + CC Math 8A
8th grade CC Math 8B + CC Algebra 1A/B 


If you are interested in your child joining this program, please contact our counselors Ms. Hanono (A-M) or Ms. Tejeda (N-Z) to schedule a meeting and discuss your child's situation. 

For more information about LAUSD Math Pathways please refer to the video below.