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Happening at Logan

Butterflies' life cycle

Mr. Fornari’s Class spent three weeks experiencing the life cycle of butterflies. Students were able to witness first hand the life of a butterfly as it progresses through its journey of life as an egg, larva, chrysalis, and beautiful butterfly (adult). Like us, butterflies experience changes and stages of life. They teach us to appreciate each stage as life is precious and ever-changing. 



Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle!!!

Planters made out of recycled bottles

by Luna R. 

Our 6th grade class made planters out of recycled 1-liter bottles. These former drinking containers now are the home to our water resistant plants. We learned how to propagate from cuttings of water efficient (succulent, cacti, etc.) plants. 

We traced the bottles and cut them carefully following the line. We filled them with soil and poured some water. We carefully dug the space to put the branch of the plant, and hung them on our window.  

We watch them grow every day, and water them as needed.  They are right outside room 21, you should come and see them! 

Student with a newborn Butterfly
Student with a newborn Butterfly

Creating art from recycled material

by Emily P.

The students in Room 3 made a bird feeder out of recycled milk cartons, straws, and starch.

First, we painted starch on the cartons and then put the colored tissue paper on the starch. Next, we cut out a big square for the birdseed. Then, we put a straw on the bottom of the bird feeder for the birds have a place to perch.

Finally, we attached a string to the top and we put the birdseed inside and hung them in the garden behind the library. 

3rd grade class