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Mission Statement


Positively influencing tomorrow, today.

Mission Statement

At Logan Academy of Global Ecology, students engage in inquisitive learning environments that develop their intellect, scientific inquiry and compassion. A Logan Academy student will be an active participant in their learning, be empowered to think deeply about the world around them, and develop into a dynamic changemaker. We will create an environment that values student experiences and fosters academic excellence, creates lifelong learners, builds positive community leaders and develops a sense of ecological responsibility.

Logan Mantra:

A Logan Lion

Loves Language 

Is Independent 

Observes and Asks Questions

Never Gives Up!



The teachers, administration, staff and parents of Logan Academy are committed to providing an atmosphere that is founded on a socially equitable, rigorous, ecologically responsive and inclusive school for all students. We strive for academic excellence by committing to engaging and effective instruction, with student experiences at the forefront. We acknowledge that every child is unique, from our classrooms to our extracurricular activities. Logan is built to support the unique interests and abilities of every student.