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Support Staff

Ms. Tejeda

Ms. Tejeda is the School Counselor for students whose last name begins with N-Z. Ms. Tejeda works with our students to support them in their academic, social and emotional needs. Please, feel free to reach out to Ms. Tejeda if there is a concern regarding your child that you would like her to know and need assistance with. 



Ms. Tillery

Speech Therapist. Please click on her name below to learn more about the support services that Ms. Tillery provides for our Logan students. 

Fonoaudióloga. Por favor, haga click en en nombre de la señorita Tillary que aparece debajo, para enterarse de los servicios que ella presta a los estudiantes de la Escuela Logan.  

Ms. Villagran


Click HERE to go to the Logan's online research Library Library Catalog.

  Yessenia Villagran Librarian

Ms. Hanono

Ms. Hanono is the Middle School Counselor.  She works closely with all 6th, 7th & 8th graders to support them in their academic, social-emotional, and career development.  Please, feel free to share with Ms. Hanono anything concerning your child that you would like support or assistance with, and join her for the parents' sessions to receive the most recent information about the opportunities for your children in their career pathways and how to support them in the process.  

Ms. Romero-Caro

For information about the services that Ms. Caro provides to our Logan students, click on the following link: Intervention

Si desea tener más información sobre los servicios de apoyo académico que coordina la Srta. Caro, por favor haga click en el siguiente enlaceIntervention

  Claudia Caro RSP Teacher

Ms. Pitts

Tittle III Coordinator