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Black History Month 2019

All participants


  • Student Driven/ Incorporated
  • Captures Essence of Black Culture/History
  • Unique & Creative Design Aesthetic
  • Strong Message or Theme


1st Place: Pizza Party;
2nd Place: Ice Cream Party;
3rd Place: Popcorn Party

Winners K-2nd

1st Place: Room 27 (Ms. Choy)  Jackie Robinson & Martin Luther King, Jr.

2nd Place: Room 28 (Mr. Fornari) - Significant African Americans and Inspirational Words

3rd Place: Room 9 (Ms. Sierra) "Brave Actions"

Winners 3rd-5th

1st Place: Room 15 - (Ms. Taylor) "I Have a Dream" (Student Clouds of Dreams)

2nd Place: Room 7 (Ms. Khou) - Famous Quotes

3rd Place: Room 5 (Ms. Mendoza) - "Be Brave Like Ruby" - Historical Timeline Bios (Hallway Extension)

Winners 6th-8th

1st Place: Room 20 (Ms. Bustos) - A Math Connection

2nd Place: Room 21 (Ms. Rocabado) - Inventors and Scientists

3rd Place: Room 31 (Ms. Caro) - Music Legends